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Rainbow And Rooted torrent

Added on 2013-06-27 , in Misc , Size: 444.15 MB , Seeds: 0 , Peers: 1
Hash: d4dff423e075641311397201ce78fa2c53ced26e

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[Rainbow & Rooted- Four's Fall Down]

This album includes 55 tracks from various MLP Fandom music artists.
It is available free from bandcamp (or you can donate to help the artists),
but I felt the download was too slow and would be even slower for others.
Please, Please, Please- take a look at the folder I made with a few links to some relatively 'underground' artists.
You can also comment and suggest some other 'underground' or not very well known artists and I'll add some links to every torrent I upload.
Also, I'm taking torrent requests, comment on any torrent or email me at:


Seeding helps others, please don't leach.

-- Enjoy the tunes, support the artists, and explore the world of music! --


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