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Key Extender 3.96 - KeyExtender is a Windows program which can extend you key function torrent

Added on 2008-07-27 , in Software , Size: 844.8 KB , Seeds: 0 , Peers: 0
Hash: 302710e9111a829c35ddc40e572ee7bf52e31661

Torrent description

KeyExtender is a Windows program which can extend you key function.

KeyExtender can change any key on the keyboard into other keys or disable your keys you dislike. But KeyExtender software is not just a tool that will alow you to customize your keyboard layout. With it,you can change your common 102 keyboard into a multifunctional one without costing much money.

Want the Table key to press Ctrl+V?Want the pause key

to type frequently used text such as email address?Want F9 key to turned up the volume ?Want to lock the keyboard? KeyExtender can do these easily,it could help you make good use of each key on the keyboard.

Here are some key features of "Key Extender":

· Change one key for another or disable it

· Change one key for a sequence of keys.

· Change one key to type frequently used text.

· Display of volume when you play games or watch films.

· Clear all the content in the current input box.

· Lock/Unlock your keyboard.

· Supports customize your keyboard layout by registry .

· Use additional keys on your multimedia/internet keyboard with KeySwap.

· Eject cdrom drives and shutdown your computer.


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