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FSX-Aerosoft-Monastir X (FSX only) 5093711 TPB torrent

Added on 2009-09-24 , in Games , Size: 31.08 MB , Seeds: 28 , Peers: 2
Hash: 44dd4e2cb3f0619afa69690b0b40d0f93e20b166

Torrent description

Tunesia is besides a proud Northern African nation also a major tourist destination and well known to millions of sunseekers. Monastir is the centre of that tourist trade, with its beaches and fine hotels. Monastir H. Bourguiba Airport is a remake of the one we had for FS2004 and updates the airport to the current status in full FSX glory.

The Habib Bourguiba International Airport is located in the east of Tunisia. It is named after the founder of the Tunisian Republic and longtime president Habib Bourguiba. Many tourists from all around the world travel to Monastir each year. It was opened in 1968 and since 2008 it is being run by the Turkish AV Airports Holding.


Completely new designed scenery for FSX

Highly detailed virtual replica of the airport and its surroundings incl. regional objects

Photo realistic ground textures (0.5m/pxl)

Realistic navigation aids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS)

Numerous static and dynamic objects such as service vehicles, buses, etc.

Numerous taxi- and runway signs

Full night effects including runway and taxiway lighting

Fully AI-Traffic compatible

Roads and Landclasses around the covered area adapted to match the scenery

Fully supported by AES (from version 2.04)

Excellente frame rates

Extensive manual with information about the airport!0,5300137740,D11078


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Internal Files

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