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Call Of Duty Black ops II (Xbox 360)(Jtag/RGH)(GoD) torrent

Added on 2013-04-21 , in Games , Size: 7.21 GB , Seeds: 0 , Peers: 10
Hash: c0abc4b3a02a425588c094e6fede1151325286fc

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Torrent description

Here is The most Recent Call Of Duty, Black Ops II.

I've ripped this ONLY 4 Jtag and RGH, with a Default.xex File so you avoid "DISC AUTHORIZATION ERROR" or something else.

I've Extracted this directly from my BRAZILIAN .ISO so i think it will be in portuguese language...

Archive specifications:

Type: Xbox 360 Retal FULL game
format: Default.xex Game on Demand (GoD) Jtag/RGH file
Size: 8/9GB

In-game Specifications:

- Single Player Campaign
- Xbox Live Multiplayer Zombies & normal
- System Link Zombies & Normal.
- Headset Support.

Enjoy AND remeber to seed and if u have issues let me know


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Internal Files

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