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VAI - 5203 - GRE Review torrent

Added on 2013-04-10 , in Movies , Size: 8.92 GB , Seeds: 0 , Peers: 0
Hash: 96fe85b65ac515d6a9768f886e6fdf452aa24e1f

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BRAND NEW for the NEW 2011 GRE!

GRE Review
6 DVDs ΓÇó approx. 11 hrs.
free study guides online
item #VAI 5203 price $399.95
isbn 9781573852036
upc 600459520397


Thinking about grad school? Then youd better start thinking about the GRE ΓÇö especially because it just got a lot harder! The Graduate Record Exam General Test (which underwent sweeping changes in summer 2011) is the most commonly required admissions test for postgraduate degree programs at American universities. Taken by more than 600,000 prospective graduate school applicants from approximately 230 countries each year, this challenging exam can be a pivotal event in your academic career. In fact, your score on this all important test can make or break your chances of getting into the university of your dreams and earning that coveted masters degree or doctorate.

Luckily, Video Aided Instruction has NEW DVDs for the NEW GRE! Our brand new, comprehensive study program can give your GRE score a significant boost! In this jam packed DVD set, youll get extensive practice with a wide variety of GRE style writing, reading, and math questions and hands on training with the new, unique, and tougher question types on the revised exam. Along the way, our expert instructors provide easy to follow explanations ΓÇö and insider secrets for conquering the new GRE.

With this user friendly program, youll learn how to excel on every section of the exam:
for ANALYTICAL WRITING: foolproof methods for crafting insightful, high scoring essay responses to the ΓÇ£IssueΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£ArgumentΓÇ¥ tasks, with helpful advice for sounding smart, focused, specific, and refreshingly original
for VERBAL REASONING: proven strategies for deciphering dense reading passages and mastering tough vocabulary in text completion and sentence equivalence questions
for QUANTITATIVE REASONING: powerful techniques for tackling tricky math problems, with specific guidelines for handling multiple choice, numeric entry, and quantitative comparison questions
and for EVERY SECTION: must know tips for the GREs computer adaptive format that will help you work more quickly and pick up more points
Now its easier than ever to take the stress out of studying, make the most of your time, and maximize your GRE score ΓÇöwith Video Aided Instruction!


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