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TSSeduction-TS-27082 Sebastian Keys, Bambi Prescott WMV 720p torrent

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Added on 2013-01-14 , in Misc , Size: 341.15 MB , Seeds: 8 , Peers: 1
Hash: 358fa8f9af258ff827cd8e0b5d15759dc930b7a6

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Sperm Bank Violation: Can't cum, She will MAKE you, MILK you, OWN you

Dec 5, 2012 - Performers: Sebastian Keys and Bambi Prescott

WMV only. MP4 + Pics later.

Bambi doesn't care what you do to pop. She doesn't care if it takes you two minutes or two hours. It's just a nut to her and she could give two craps about you. But if you can't cum into the cup, then she has a problem with you. And the only thing worse than Bambi not caring about you, is Bambi mad at you. She tears into the unfortunate ass of donor 23 and milks his cock until he pops into her specimen jar. But if you waste Bambi's time, she is not going to just pay you the $50 bucks and send you on your sorry way. She is going to get her pay back.


9000 uploads and counting, 10k here we come :) And as usual, if you still like what Shallow2 and I upload, how about leaving us a nice comment below ? :)

Cheers :-)


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