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Real Player Premuin Ver 11 0 Build 6 0 14 748 + Activator Ver 1 2 torrent

Added on 2009-03-22 , in Software , Size: 12.91 MB , Seeds: 4 , Peers: 0
Hash: 2be194151eaaeff8c2df1e2ae47995b62298a696

Torrent description


1) Remove any previuos verson

2) Install Real Player

3) Go To tools/Preference/autoUpdate/ Uncheack auotmaticaly download on install important update.

4) Closed Real Player

5) Copy Premium Activator Ver.1.2 to real player folder.


6) run Patch in 3 seconds your done, with your premium status.

7) Exit

Note: Do not update to any other Version build.(Very Important)
You can update to all other Plugings, Drivers, read all the update that are displayed


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Internal Files

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